And join a class.

"After having surgery and chemo for breast cancer, my joints were sore and I felt stiff.  I am feeling stronger, more flexible and rarely have stiff joints now. I even took my neighbor to a class and she's also a regular!"

~Marie (cancer survivor)

Coping with ME/CFS, FM or Long Covid requires perseverance.

Being around people in similar circumstances

makes it easier to persevere.

Persevering does not mean pushing. Simone is very familiar with the signs of an "energy crash," and watches her students closely to prevent them from "pushing and crashing."

She requires that you meet with her online or in-person for a private session, at least once, prior to joining a group class. This way she can direct you toward poses and breathing techniques in class that are safe for your situation. You will not be asked to reveal your health conditions to class members, but are welcome to.

Classes are kept to maximum of 10 students.

Classes are a blend of Iyengar alignment-based postures along with yoga in the Krishnamacharya tradition, and often include some physical therapy/yoga therapy "exercises" as well as one of Judith Lasater's restorative postures. If these terms are foreign to you, just know you will experience a combination of repetitive movements to build fluidity of muscles and joints, as well as holding still in postures to build strength and focus....and, of course, time for rest.

You will also learn how breathing in specific ways can help you sleep, improve your immune system, calm or stimulate the nervous system, and more.