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Yoga Therapy

Helping you manage the unpredictable wellness

of ME/CFS and Long Covid.

with Knowledge...




and Simplicity.

Are long Covid (PASC) or chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) limiting your life? Are you so tired that you cannot work, socialize, or sometimes even shower?

Manage your unpredictable wellness with a certified yoga therapist

who has been there.


Certified yoga therapist, Simone Palmieri, has dealt with CFS/ME in her own body for 30 years, and more recently long Covid (PASC), and managed both through the holistic approach of yoga therapy.

•  Simone has 15 years of practice and training in yoga therapy.

•  She will teach you how changing the way you breathe, move, and think can help relieve symptoms like pain, fatigue, brain fog, and depression, and cope with the unpredictability of CFS/ME and Long Covid.

•  Simone is well versed in the "energy envelope" and knows how to help you keep yourself within its boundaries to avoid post exertional malaise (PEM).

•  She will help you maintain a safe heart rate so that you do not reach your anaerobic threshold.

•  She can show you easy ways to move your lymphatic and glymphatic systems, which may have become stagnant due to your fatigue.

•  Simone can approach conditions that sometimes accompany CFS/ME or long Covid, such as sleep disorders, depression and anxiety, or food and chemical sensitivities.

•  No yoga experience is needed.


Living with a chronic illness makes it hard to be patient, but patience with your body supports its healing process.

•  Scientists are learning that people with CFS/ME and PASC often have nervous systems that are in "sympathetic overdrive." Simone Palmieri, C-IAYT, will teach you how to patiently calm your nervous system to facilitate better pacing and healing.

•  Learn how to remain calm while safely toning the correct muscle groups to combat dysautonomia and regain lost stamina, through movements customized just for you.

•  Learn to patiently observe your own moving, breathing and thinking patterns to allow your body to return to the homeostasis it seeks.

•  Find out which yoga poses, breathing and focusing techniques are appropriate for you and your symptoms.

•  Individualized sessions are available online, in your home, in Simone's private studio, or the greater Sacramento area.

•  Welcoming people of all ages, genders, faiths, ethnicities and abilities.


Coping with ME/CFS or Long Covid requires perseverance. Simone won't give up on you, and won't let you give up on yourself.

•  Depression is common with chronic illnesses. Learn ways of managing depression with yoga therapy, and find comfort in speaking openly about your negative thinking or thoughts of giving up.

•  Learn techniques that help train your mind to ride the ups and downs of your physical and emotional health with more ease.

•  Discover new meaning and purpose by looking at your life through a yogic lens.

•  Being around people in similar circumstances is helpful when you are struggling. Persevere beyond your private sessions and join a group class, either online or in person.

•  Persevering does not mean pushing. Simone is very familiar with the signs of an "energy crash," and watches her clients closely, even in group classes, to prevent them from "pushing and crashing."


But what if you have lupus, a hip replacement, major depressive disorder and  long Covid (PASC)?

•  Are you feeling overwhelmed because you have several conditions? Yoga therapy looks at the body as a whole. Simone shares her authentic insights based on managing her own CFS/ME, cancer, dysautonomia, back pain, depression, long Covid and more, all with the holistic techniques of yoga therapy.

•  Over the last 15 years, Simone has applied the techniques of yoga therapy to clients with complex conditions.

•  See video below for how yoga brought her from suicidal and disabled in 2007, to happy and self employed in 2009.

"In 2007, I couldn’t drive or take care of my children, and often had to crawl to my bedroom. Sometimes, when I'm feeling depleted, I watch this video to remind myself how far I've come."